About Diamondog
Faitful Unto Death
CD 2012 May 30.

  Kill Me
CD 2011

  Love Pain & Diamonds
EP 2010
Vinyl and USB

  Let it Show
Singel 2010
  Like a Diamond
Singel 2010
  Black comes
the morning
CD 2008
CD 2003



Diamondog  has existed since 1998. In addition to having acted on national television and playing support for bands like Turbonegro, they have appeared at numerous venues, pubs and small festivals, mainly in Norway and Sweden.  Oslo based Diamondog are stating their position as one of the still most promising band in the Norwegian music scene - well known for their energetic live gigs and hard hitting, catchy melodies.
In 2003 they released their first album "Diamondog" at the label Facefront which got generally good reviews all over the music scene. After a couple of quiet years with, among others testing of both keyboards and electric violin, they started work on what would become the band's second release. The album was called  "Black Comes the Morning"  and was released the January of  2009 .  It was recorded at the Tank Studio in Norway and mixed by the American heavyweights, Fabrizio Grossi (Dave Navarro, Slash, Steve Vai, Starbreaker ..) and Ty Tabor (Kings X). The mastering was originally done by Chris Athens (Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, Limp Bizkit..), but was later redone by Stig Antonsen when the band was not satisfied with the result.

In the summer of 2009 the band expanded with a new member, guitarist Håvard Træthaug, which made the band complete and led to a very exciting andproductive year in 2010.  In addition to regular live gigs they managed to release two singles, two music videos and an EP on vinyl - "Love, Pain and Diamonds". 2011  turned out to be a rather busy year as well. Besides doing live gigs the band was planning doing another full length album. The collaboration with Fredrik Wallumrød (El Caco) and Tommy Akerholdt (Silver, Serena Maneesh, Turbonegro..) gave excellent results.

The release of their third album, “Kill me”, has received the best reviews so far.   This spring Diamondog have signed an agreement with Swedish Doolittle Group for a release in Europe and Asia, with Japan as one of the focus areas. The release will be a re-release of their third album “Kill me” and will also include two new killer songs. The new album will be called “Faithful unto Death”

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